I am Giana from Greece, i had problem with my lover and he told me it was all over between us after three years of relationship, i could not bear the pain then my friend took me to Dr. Todd, At first i was sacred because i never wanted anything bad to happen to him but Dr. Todd told me to be calm that everything will be alright, that i should give him just one week to cast the spell on him that after he has finish with the spell my lover will come back to me begging. I was surprise after the week i had a knock on my door to my greatest surprise it was my lover on his kneel with flower begging me to forgive him. I am glad to let you guys know that we are planning to be married now. thanks. DR. Todd e-mail:



I am Debby ,After 9 years of tube tied with all hope lost finally i am pregnant with the help of Dr. Todd herbal product without any surgery ,what a miracle after spending so much trying to get solution to get pregnant with my new love no luck but with the help of Dr. Todd finally i’m 6 months pregnant without any stress once again thanks to Dr. Todd for your help, i will keep sharing the testimony to the world. For more info or to order the product contact…



I was in total despair when I found Dr. Todd. My life was going terrible and I didn’t know if I was coming or going. I had just gone through a rough divorce, wasn’t making enough money to sustain me and my children, and my 17 year old son had just gone to jail for the first time. When I talked to him, I immediately found a sense of peace. He was very honest with me and I could feel that. He also told me that everything would be okay. After my work began, things began to change. My bills were all caught up, the relationship I was in became much stronger, I was never FLAT broke, and my son was released from jail earlier than we expected!! I also completely got over the failed marriage and began to move on. And, received a better position at my job which will cause an $800 per month increase!! I felt completely comfortable with the work that was being done because I was always encouraged by Dr. Todd. is the BEST!!!!



Dr. Todd, After a long and painful (physically, mentally and emotionally) relationship and then break-up with my ex he continued to haunt me, continued to stalk me in my quest for a new life… even though he had a new woman to torture. I tried the police, they couldn’t keep him away. I turned to friends for protection and they couldn’t help me. I moved, he found me. I had no way out. You were my last resort to make him see and to be done with me and his cruel ways. The stories I have heard of what have happened to him I will no repeat but some have been horrific. He has since left me alone since he now has his own problems to deal with. I have been able to have a life my life without always looking over my shoulder thanks to you. Thank you for giving me my life back. E-mail: or



My name is Ava,from USA Indiana, I’ve been unable to get pregnant for 3years,and have spent a lot of money going from one Hospital to another,and they couldn’t do anything to help, not until i was introduced to Dr. TODD roots and herbs, where solutions to any problem is being found, and i explained to him my problem which he told me not to worry anymore that this is the End of my childlessness,then he sent a pregnancy herbs and roots to me and which I took according to his instructions, after a week i noticed i was pregnant after using the med,which put an End to my childlessness,and gave me an handsome son. All thanks to DR. TODD. I can now live happily with my family now. if you are having A problem of pregnancy, trust me DR. TODD is the solution to every childless mother around the world. Distance is not a barrier, he will surely make your dreams come through. contact him today and you will come out testifying and celebrating. Simply get across to DR. TODD ( Thanks



Hi everybody. I recently saw a testimony about Dr. Todd in a blog I visit for relationship and dating counseling problems because i had been having serious issues with my boyfriend and we had been dating for six months, he just suddenly changed,he wasnt returning my calls,he started cheating,he was hurting me in many ways i never thought possible and I just thought I should try it*maybe out of desperation of some sort*..and I contacted Dr. Todd..At first everything felt dreamy and unbelievable,his consultations and solution was a little bit easy and strange and I was scared a little coz I heard read and heard lots of stories of fake spell casters,scams and i never really believed in magic..I played along with a little hope and and faith and I sent some few stuffs after everything and it worked like a miracle,everything went to a while new direction,it was and is amazing…I guess it was all good faith that made me read That particular post that faithful day..I hope he could help other people too like he did me…I did a little and I got everything I wanted and wished for*my husband,my family and my life back. E-mail:



Dr. Todd you should know that he’s back, and we are happy again, I couldn’t have done it with out you. thanks for Staying with me, when i was alone. Your the best. And for the people that don’t know about my case, I contacted him a month ago, I was heartbroken and he helped me. Only 2 weeks after the spell was cast I’d got the results. He came back to me and ask me to forgive him. The other woman went back to Australia. THANKS! e-mail: or




Please everyone must read this: Dr. Todd is a rare person. He is very kind, and always answered my questions. That’s why I decided to cast a spell with him. When other casters just show interest in getting my money, Dr. Todd listened to my problem. I felt very confident with him, and put a lot of trust in his work. I know if I had no faith, my spell wouldn’t have worked, and not so fast! If you contact TODD, I am sure you will understand what I mean. He is the kindest and the results of his spells are terrific! My story is that I was in love with my boss since I have this job. It’s been almost 3 year. I tried a lot of spells to attract him, make him love me, have an affair etc? A few sex spells worked but love spells didn’t until I found Dr. Todd When I read his first I knew he was different from normal casters who don’t take time to answer. That’s why I decided to ask him to cast a permanent love spell and a marriage spell. 34 days after the spell was cast, my boss sent me an email and invited me to the restaurant to announce me something important! The feeling I had when I opened his message was kinda weird. A mix between happiness, anxiety, and I was shocked by the power of that spell. At the same time, I thought it could be a promotion or a salary boost. Anyway, the dinner was fantastic. Food was great, it was French I think. Before dessert came, he asked me to be his wife!!! This moment was crazy! I felt Adrenalin rising and my heart could have explode I think! It was the best day in my life! I must thank Dr. Todd! I recommend him to everyone! e-mail: (



Dr. Todd thank you so very much for helping to reunite me and my girlfriend! I didn’t think we would ever be able to work things out with all that had happened between us. But you wouldn’t let me be negative and you really did get her back for me! Thank you again so much! We are happy and planning a vacation to celebrate our engagement. Without you and your help, I know this would not have been possible. E-mail: or T. J. (Lincoln, NE)




I have never given a testimonial like this before, but for any doubters, let me tell you Dr. Todd is the REAL DEAL! His work, time and advice are invaluable. I only wish I had found him sooner in my life!! I contacted Dr. Todd regarding a lost love. I was pretty much a mess and willing to try anything to get this man back. After my intial consultation with Dr. Todd, I moved forward with the work he recommended. Even though he was very forthright by saying the chances of our reconcile were very slim, I felt I had to at least try and it was worth the cost for his services. He stayed with me every step of the way, any time I had a question or concern, he replied back to my emials usually within hours. The work we did was to heal myself and not as focused on him, which now in retrospect, is exactly what I needed. Todd’s email:


Maddison L.

I am from the United States Of America, I have been married for about 14 years ago without any child and i tired all possible means to get even just one, but i could not because the doctor told me that i couldn’t conceive again ever in my life. but i came across this spell caster in the internet that promise to help me get pregnant which i totally disagree, I felt how can i be pregnant when the doctor already did carry out alot of text on me and told me i couldn’t get pregnant again, and he ask me not to worry that he guaranty and assure me that after the spell casting, im going to have children and then be fruitful. could you believe i miss my periodical time that same Month and i was pregnant.Today am now the happiest woman on Earth While i testify to this site i know there are a lot of people that are in this kind of trouble some will decide to commit suicide. please just do and contact Dr. Todd for help through and i assure you that he is going to bring your problem to an everlasting end.


Matheus vallim.

I want to share my experience on how my marriage was saved by a great spell caster Dr. Todd. I was married for 4years with 3kids and we lived happily until things started getting ugly and we had fights and arguments almost every time it got worse at a point that she filed for divorce I tried my best to make her change her mind & stay with me cause i loved her with all my heart and didn’t to loose her but everything just didn’t work out, she moved out of the house and still went ahead to file for divorce I pleaded and tried everything but still nothing worked. The breakthrough came when someone introduced me to this wonderful, great spell caster who eventually helped me out.. I have never been a fan of things like this but just decided to try reluctantly cause I was desperate and left with no choice… He did special prayers and used powerful magic Within 24hour. Immediately after he rounded up his spell casting for me, she called me and was sorry for all the emotional trauma she had cost me, moved back to the house and we continue to live happily, the kids are happy too and we are expecting our third child. Thanks you so much sir for the kind help. Contact Dr. Todd at


Adarsh kumar bundhun.

his is real a powerful Temple. I want to testify how i got cured with my HIV/AIDS, and i wouldn’t have believed that i would someday share my survival from my HIV with anyone because HIV almost ended my life. I was in search for help and i found Lord Afar herbal cure for HIV, and he did cast a spell for me and just in 3 days i went back to the doctor to carry out the same HIV test then i found out that i was totally cured and the doctor confirmed it. For all those who have issue with HIV/AIDS, they shouldn’t hesitate anymore, just contact Lord Afar to take care of your problem and see it solved for life. I will also like to use this medium to appreciate Dr. Todd for your care and support. If not for your powerful spell i would have been living everyday of my life with severe pains. Thank you so much Sir and God will bless you more. Today i acknowledge the greatness of herbal remedy and to those that wish to purchase the medication contact him and get your own testimony too.


Shalee Rainwater

I dated my husband for 5 years. we had a 8 month old baby together and got married in January of 2016. now here i was, in Nov getting divorced. we had our problems and mainly because he had his. he was manic bipolar and suffers from depression also, an addict. I did anything and everything to make us work and would’ve given the world for him. I woke up on a Wednesday morning with a happy family, and went to bed that night with a broken home. Since we broke up he got a girlfriend after a week, I found out that he was doing morphine patches with my daughter that was just 2 weeks old. and since then has done oxi’s and smoke crack. a few months ago my landlord knocked on my door telling us to get out because we hadn’t paid rent, i had no idea and instantly started crying. my husband had gambled away the rent money. but i wanted to work through it. i Loved him dearly because we had a family together. one day he didn’t come home and it was the last straw, and he finally told me he needed a divorce and that he cant go on anymore.. it was the worst moment of my life. i lived in pains for weeks until i got in touch with Dr. Todd and used his spell, although i was skeptical, but i was ready to try anything just to make it work and get my husband back to tell me how much he loves me. he told me about how the spell works, and i choose the 24 hour, and that was how my husband who refused taking my calls and talking to me anymore came back to me and apologized for ever treating me bad. We have been together living fully well, and i am so happy and my complete appreciation goes to Lord Afar for making my husband come back home, contact Dr. Todd today on his E.mail




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